How it works

Shop global! Because a lot of online merchants do not ship outside the USA, QF Global Network has solved this problem for you.We provide you with a secure address in the USA. For business or personal online shopping, for catalogs and mail, have them delivered to your QFA address in the USA. We take care of forwarding it to your country quick and efficiently.

How to register:

  • Step 1. Click on ‘Register now!’
  • Step 2. Fill out the ‘QF Global Network Registration’ form
  • Step 3. Read the Terms and Conditions and tick the box ‘I agree’ to
  • Step 4. You will receive an email* from us with a link. Click on the link to verify your email address which will be followed immediately by a second email with your QFA address.

That's it! You can start shopping globally right away.

* if you did not receive our email, please contact us at us at (if you use general use email account, such as e.g. hotmail, check your junk mail).
** Please sign the USPS form and fax it to us together with a copy of your identification